Indian Politics in Comparative Perspective

By Pravin Kumar Jha
Publisher: Pearson India, 2012
ISBN: 9788131798874
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Indian Politics in a Comparative Perspective is intended as a standard textbook for undergraduate students of political science. The book provides a handy reference tool to its readers by elucidating conceptual areas, furnishing established arguments and citing contemporary research works for a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Carefully organized in ten well-researched chapters and examined from different vantage points, they weave a compelling story on the nature of Indian politics since the pre-Independence era to the making of our Constitution and gradually navigate to examine the impact of the growing role of religion and power structure in our political system. Indian Politics in a Comparative Perspective is an ideal read for anyone who is curious to understand the changing grammar of Indian politics.
About the Author
Chapter 1: Approaches to the Study of Indian Politics and Nature of the State in India: Liberal, Mar
Chapter 2: National Movement and Its Ideological Discourse and Political Legacies
Chapter 3: Indian Constitution: Provisions and Institutional Functioning
Chapter 4: Power Structure in India: Institutional and Social (Caste, Dalit — Bahujan, Class, Patria
Chapter 5: Federalism in India in Comparative Perspective with Special Reference to Canada
Chapter 6: Party System in India in Comparison with that in United Kingdom
Chapter 7: Human Rights: Constitutional Provisions and Practises in India and China
Chapter 8: Religion in Politics: Secularism and Communalism
Chapter 9: Strategies of Development in India Since Indenpendence
Chapter 10: Social Movements in India
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