Postcolonial Literature: An Introduction

By Pramod K. Nayar
Publisher: Pearson India, 2008
ISBN: 9789332500693
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Postcolonial writing originating from Africa, Asia, and South America in the mid-twentieth century has constantly examined, negotiated with, and reacted to the overarching experience of colonial subjugation. Postcolonial Literature: An Introduction, with its seven thematically organized chapters, lucidly elucidates complex concepts and formulations of postcolonial literature and theory and critically analyses their various dimensions with relevant examples from contemporary postcolonial writing. The book would also appeal to the general reader aiming to gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental themes and discourses of postcolonial literature.
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Postcolonial Literature: An...
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Postcolonial Literature: An...
Postcolonial writing originating from Afri...
INR  279.00
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