Teaching of Social Science

By Soti Shivender Chander
Publisher: Pearson India, 2012
ISBN: 9789332511668
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Teaching of Social Sciences provides an exhaustive coverage of the essential topics that will serve as a useful textbook for prospective teachers of social sciences. It endeavors to present a balanced treatment of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for classroom teaching. Special care has been taken to include a variety of questions to test students?understanding and help them succeed in the examination. Written in an easy-to-understand language, this text will provide readers with a solid foundation on which to build expertise in the teaching of the subject.
Chapter 1: Meaning, Scope and Importance of Social Science (Social Studies)
Chapter 2: Aims and Objectives of Teaching Social Science (Social Studies)
Chapter 3: Formulating Objectives in Behavioural Terms
Chapter 4: Content of Social Science and Pedagogical Analysis
Chapter 5: Development of Lesson Plan
Chapter 6: Development and Evaluation of Curriculums and Textbooks
Chapter 7: Personalised Instructional Methods
Chapter 8: Self-instructional Materials (Teaching Aids)
Chapter 9: Uses of Community Resources
Chapter 10: Social Science Laboratory
Chapter 11: Methods of Teaching Social Science
Chapter 12: Teaching Skills
Chapter 13: Meaning, Need and Objectives of Evaluation
Chapter 14: Evaluation Devices
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Teaching of Social Science
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Teaching of Social Science
Teaching of Social Sciences provides an ex...
INR  260.10
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