Beverages (HM)

By Kartik R. Bhat
Publisher: Pearson India, 2013
ISBN: 9789332514072
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The textbook caters to the syllabi of hotel management courses under the National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology and similar courses at various other universities. It discusses non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages of the world? their history, production processes, serving, important brands and myths and stories associated with different beverages. It offers a detailed analysis of the beer-making processes at The Biere Club microbrewery in Bangalore and the wine production and viticulture processes at Grover Vineyards, Bangalore.
About the Author
About the Book
Chapter 1: Beverages—Introduction and History
Chapter 2: Tea
Chapter 3: Coffee
Chapter 4: Cocoa
Chapter 5: Beer
Chapter 6: Sake
Chapter 7: Cider and Perry
Chapter 8: Distillation
Chapter 9: Vodka
Chapter 10: Gin
Chapter 11: Rum
Chapter 12: Tequila
Chapter 13: Brandy
Chapter 14: Whisky
Chapter 15: Eau-De-Vies and Other Spirits
Chapter 16: Liqueurs
Chapter 17: Viticulture and Vine Diseases
Chapter 18: French Wines
Chapter 19: Champagne
Chapter 20: Italian Wines
Chapter 21: German Wines
Chapter 22: Spanish Wines
Chapter 23: Portuguese Wines
Chapter 24: New World Wine
Chapter 25: Aromatized Wines Aperitifs and Bitters
Chapter 26: Food and Wine Harmony
Chapter 27: Equipment for Service of Beverages
Chapter 28: Cocktails
Chapter 29: Service of Beverages in F&B Outlets
Chapter 30: Tobacco
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Beverages (HM)
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Beverages (HM)
The textbook caters to the syllabi of hote...
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