Managing Business Process Flows: Pearson New International Edition

By Anupindi, Chopra, Deshmukh, Van Mieghem, Zemel
Publisher: Pearson Education Limited, 2013
ISBN: 9781292036298
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For graduate level courses in Operations Management or Business Processes.

A structured, data-driven approach to understanding core operations management concepts.

Anupindi shows how managers can design and manage process structure and process drivers to improve the performance of any business process.

The third edition retains the general process view paradigm while providing a sharper, more streamlined presentation of the development of ideas in each chapter–all of which are illustrated with contemporary examples from practice.

Table of Contents
1. Operations Strategy and Management
2. Products, Processes, and Performance
3. Process Flow Measures
4. Flow-Time Analysis
Appendix: Subprocesses and Cascading
Appendix: The Critical Path Method
Appendix: Rework and Visits
5. Flow Rate and Capacity Analysis
Appendix: Other Factors Affecting Effective Capacity: Load Batches, Scheduled Availability, and Setu
Appendix: Optimizing Product Mix with Linear Programming
6. Inventory Analysis
Appendix: Derivation of EOQ Formula
Appendix: Price Discounts
7. Managing Flow Variability: Safety Inventory
Appendix: Calculating Service Level for a Given Safety Inventory
8. Managing Flow Variability: Safety Capacity
9. Managing Flow Variability: Process Control and Capability
10. Lean Operations: Process Synchronization and Improvement
Appendix: MBPF Checklist
Appendix: Probability Background
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Managing Business Process Flows:...
<b>For graduate level courses in Operation...
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