Winning Habits: Techniques for Excellence in Sports

By B. P. Bam
Publisher: Pearson India, 2008
ISBN: 9788131742785
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Winning is a habit we need to cultivate by manoeuvring the thoughts responsible for our habits. Focusing on sports, where competition is unavoidable, Winning Habits: Techniques for Excellence in Sports offers techniques and solutions from Indian and Western psychology, and yogic practices to deal with negative thoughts which create hindrances in the path to victory. The book features basic concepts and their practical applications for excellence and achievement in sports; techniques and exercises such as Bindu Trataka, Jyoti Trataka, Pranayama, Nyasa, Soham Mantra, Shavasana and visualization; the actual application of these techniques in sports such as tennis, badminton, table-tennis, squash, judo, wrestling, boxing, shooting, archery, billiards, snooker, golf, football, hockey, basketball, cricket and volleyball.
Winning Habits
Message from Aparna Popat
Foreword by Rahul Dravid
Foreword by Geet Sethi
Foreword by Anjali Bhagwat
Part I Basic Concepts
Part II Techniques for Improvement in Skills and Performance
Part III application of the Techniques for Specific Games
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Winning Habits: Techniques for...
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Winning Habits: Techniques for...
Winning is a habit we need to cultivate by...
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