Computer Programming and IT

By ITL Education Solutions Limited,Ashok N. Kamthane..
Publisher: Pearson India, 2012
ISBN: 9788131799604
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Computer Programming and IT is a student-friendly, practical and example-driven book that gives students a solid foundation in the basics of computer programming and information technology. The contents have been designed to correspond with the requirements of courses in computer programming and IT. A rich collection of solved examples makes this book indispensable for students.
About the Authors
Chapter 1: Introduction to Computers
Chapter 2: Computer Memory and Storage
Chapter 3: Computer Software
Chapter 4: Computer Programming and Languages
Chapter 5: Number Systems and Binary Codes
Chapter 6: Introduction to C
Chapter 7: The C Declarations
Chapter 8: Operators and Expressions
Chapter 9: Input, Output, and Control Loop Statements
Chapter 10: Storage Class
Chapter 11: Preprocessor Directives
Chapter 12: Arrays
Chapter 13: Pointers
Chapter 14: Dynamic Memory Allocation
Chapter 15: Structure and union
Chapter 16: Files
Chapter 17: Functions
Chapter 18: Working with Strings and Standard Functions
Appendix: American Standard Code for Information Interchange
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Computer Programming and IT
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Computer Programming and IT
<i>Computer Programming and IT</i> is a st...
INR  269.10
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