Development and Problems of Indian Education

By R. P. Pathak
Publisher: Pearson India, 2012
ISBN: 9789332509412
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Development and Problems of Indian Education in an extremely concise manner, details the history of education in India. The book analyses the work done by the various commissions over the years. Written in a very lucid and engaging style, it also evaluates the current scenario and the new emerging trends and fields in the study of education.
Publisher Details
Chapter 1: History of Education In India
Chapter 2: Constitutional Provisions of Indian Education
Chapter 3: Pre-Primary Education
Chapter 4: Elementary Education
Chapter 5: Secondary Education
Chapter 6: Basic Education
Chapter 7: Higher Education
Chapter 8: Teacher Education
Chapter 9: Women Education
Chapter 10: Education Commission of Pre-Independence India
Chapter 11: University Education Commission Radha Krishnan Commission (1948-49)
Chapter 12: Education Commissions of Post-Independent India
Chapter 13: Kothari Commission (1964-66)
Chapter 14: National Policy on Education (1968)
Chapter 15: Programme of Action-1986
Chapter 16: Revised National Policy on Education-1992
Chapter 17: Problems of Indian Education
Chapter 18: Language Policy
Chapter 19: Students' Participation
Chapter 20: Contemporary Challenges and Issues of Indian Education
Chapter 21: Emerging Trends of Indian Education
Chapter 22: Distance Education
Chapter 23: Adult Education
Chapter 24: Population Education
Chapter 25: Environmental Education
Chapter 26: Human Right Education
Chapter 27: Consumer Rights Education
Chapter 28: Education for Deprived Groups
Chapter 29: Vocationalization of Education
Chapter 30: Examination Reform
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Development and Problems of...
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