Manhattan Review: The GRE® Complete Guide, First Edition

By Manhattan Review
Publisher: Pearson India, 2013
ISBN: 9789332517790
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Manhattan Review: The GRE® Complete Guide provides well-researched and unparallel material for students aiming for top scores in GRE®. The book covers topics in accordance with the revised test pattern and explains concepts, strategies and tips supported by suitable definitions and examples. It includes all sections of the GRE® examination – verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and analytical writing assessment. The verbal reasoning section explains basic grammar topics and nuances in writing, and helps aspirants to build on vocabulary, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension along with analytical writing skills. The quantitative reasoning section discusses concepts and methods of solving different types of problems. The book also provides a formulae sheet (concise set of notes) useful for quick reference. Well-researched and validated strategies for solving different types of problems are included to help the test-taker to attempt all sections of GRE® confidently and successfully.
Chapter 1: Introduction to the GRE® Revised General Test
Part I: Verbal Reasoning Guide
PART II: Quantitative Reasoning Guide
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