Contemporary Communicative English for Technical Communication: For WBUT

By Boards of Editors
Publisher: Pearson India, 2010
ISBN: 9788131753675
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Communication is a vital part of our everyday life, personal as well as professional. At the work place especially, a person's communication skills can make the difference between successfully leading a team or closing a business deal, and failing to achieve an objective because of lack of clarity in conveying the goal to team members or clients. Hence, lessons in communication skills have come to form an integral part of our education programme. Contemporary Communicative English for Technical Communication: As per the 2010 Revised Syllabus (For WBUT)has been designed specifically for B.E. and B.Tech students of the WBUT, and provides a comprehensive coverage of the basic grammar rules of the English language as well as plenty of samples of organizational communication. Beginning with strategies on how to enhance listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, it goes on to provide examples and exercises on vocabulary acquisition, reading comprehension, organizational communication and making presentations.
Contemporary Communicative English for Technical Communication
Introduction: Developing Language Skills
Section A Developing Listening Comprehension Skills
Section B Developing Speaking Competence
Section C Reading And Writing Skills
Section D Technical Communication
University Question Papers
Solutions to WBUT Questions Papers
Model Question Papers
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Communication is a vital part of our every...
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