The Weapon Of the Other: Dalitbahujan Writings and the Remaking of Indian Nationalist Thought

By Kancha Ilaiah
Publisher: Pearson India, 2009
ISBN: 9788131742969
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In The Weapon of the Other: Dalitbahujan Writings and the Remaking of Indian Nationalist Thought, the author Kancha Ilaiah contends that since colonial times, Hindu religious texts, which were read only by a small minority of upper-caste leaders, have been projected as sources of Indian nationalist thought while the Buddhist scriptures, the Bible and the Quran, whose readers were far more numerous, are relegated to the periphery of discussions about nationalism. He explores the possibility of examining Indian nationalism from an altogether different perspective, i.e., from the point of view of the Dalitbahujans of India and examines in detail the political core of liberatory ideas expounded by Gautam Buddha as well as modern thinker-activists like Ambedkar, Phule and Periyar. Interrogating popular notions about nation, nationalist thought and nation-building, this book will inspire a new generation of scholars, activists and public intellectuals.
The Weapon of the Other
Dalitism vs Brahmanism
The Early Nationalist Thought of the Other
The Roots of Anti-Caste Nationalism
A Nationalist Thinker of the Unthinkables
Towards Dalitization of the Nation
Telugu Nationalism
The Resurrection
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