Indian Economy: Policies, Practices and Heresies

By Jayanta Sarkar
Publisher: Pearson India, 2006
ISBN: 9788131743041
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Since Independence, India has been pursuing economic policies and programmes which unwittingly or knowingly are turning out to be copies or adaptations of what is being followed elsewhere, sometimes without any effort to customise them to local conditions, ethos or legacy. Indian Economy: Policies, Practices and Heresies demonstrates the pitfalls of such an approach. It presents a slew of ideas that might seem heretical when viewed against today's popular economic mantras, covering issues in such basic areas as agricultural reforms, deployment of resources, pricing norms, deficit financing, trading operations, unemployment, family planning, savings, and rampaging corruption. At the same time, author Jayanta Sarkar also indicates possible lines of modifications or alternatives that could make these policies more acceptable and people-friendly. This book becomes especially topical when viewed alongside the increasing disillusionment with neo-liberal economic policies among people all over the world.
The Indian Economy Plicies, Practies and Heresies
From Dreamers to Copiers
Agriculture-It Still Makes and Breaks
Two Cheers for Savings
Traumas of Taxation
Deficit Financing-Anyone For a New Ball Game?
Where dose all the Money go?
To Market, To Market
Could Nothing be Done?-I
Could Nothig be Done?-II
Changes in 'changes'
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Indian Economy: Policies,...
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Indian Economy: Policies,...
Since Independence, India has been pursuin...
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