India: The Emerging Energy Player

By Girijesh Pant
Publisher: Pearson India, 2007
ISBN: 9789332509399
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India: The Emerging Energy Player attempts to profile India's energy relations in the global context and fathom the issues it is facing in defending its energy interests in the changing world market. The nature of India's engagement with the Gulf, Iran, Russia, and Africa, and its understanding of the perceived competition are the major concerns of the book. It will be useful for academics, policy planners, and opinion makers not only in India but abroad as well.
Chapter I: Energy Security: The Changing Global Context
Chapter II: India's Search for Energy: Issues and Emerging Concerns
Chapter III: India-Gulf Energy Relations: Redefining Interdependence
Chapter IV: India-Iran: The Strategic Energy Partnership
Chapter V: India-Russia Energy Relations: The Emerging Dynamics
Chapter VI: India-Africa: Plea for Energy Partnership
Chapter VII: Asian Competition for Energy: Implications for India
Chapter VIII: The Indian Energy Diplomacy: Beyond the Security Paradigm
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India: The Emerging Energy Player
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India: The Emerging Energy Player
<i>India: The Emerging Energy Player</i> a...
INR  480.00
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