Translation as Growth: Towards a Theory of Language Development

By Udaya Narayana Singh
Publisher: Pearson India, 2010
ISBN: 9788131743300
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Translation as Growth: Towards a Theory of Language Development is an interesting and original volume by renowned linguist Udaya Narayana Singh. The author argues that translation, like authoring, is a creative act that enriches both the original and translated language. Singh shows that the major modern Indian languages have developed not only through ‘vertical’ translations from the languages of power and knowledge, English and Sanskrit, but also by engaging in ‘horizontal' translations of one another, ultimately contributing to the creation of an inherently pluralistic body of literature in India. The author's theoretical insights, corroborated with ample use of excerpts from original and translated works and discussions from his vast personal experience in this field, will definitely be of great use to students and scholars of literature, comparative literature and linguistics, as well as to translators.
Translation as Growth
Writing as Othering: Translating as Changing Personal Terminations
Creativity and Translativity: a Case for Double Articulation?
Thoughts on Theories of Texts and Translation
Translation:Try thy Metaphor
Translation, Translucence and transcendence
Translating Uttar-Aadhunikataa: Debates from the 'Bhaasaa' literary Scene
Some Thoughts on Transcreation of Texts
Saying it Again: on Building Models of literary Translation
Translating Alien Cultures: Search for the Native
Lamentations and Celebrations
About the Author
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Translation as Growth: Towards a...
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Translation as Growth: Towards a...
<i>Translation as Growth: Towards a Theory...
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