Words, Words, Words: Adventures in Diplomacy

By T P Sreenivasan
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9788131743379
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Words, Words, Words: Adventures in Diplomacy is more than just a memoir. It is diplomatic history, a meticulously recorded account of the variety of bilateral and multilateral diplomatic negotiations in which T.P. Sreenivasan was involved, written in his inimitable style with a touch of humour. It reveals the circumstances that brought India into confrontation with the rest of the Commonwealth on the question of the re-election of Sir Sridath Ramphal, the successful efforts of India during the summits in Havana and in New Delhi to preserve the principles of non-alignment, India's handling of the Iraq crisis as a member of the Security Council, and her role in tempering the reformist zeal of Boutros Ghali's Agenda of Peace'. Although specialization is not a strong point of the Indian Foreign Service, T.P. Sreenivasan has been able to specialize in multilateral diplomacy, having dealt with various aspects of the United Nations in New York , New Delhi, Geneva, Nairobi and Vienna. He brings out the dynamics, indeed the magic, of multilateralism in his intimate account.
My Story
Magic of Multilateralism
Nuclear Winter,Kargil Spring
On Whom the Sun Never Sets
Quest for Balance
Back to the Backwaters
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