Political Science

By Pravin Kumar Jha
Publisher: Pearson India, 2012
ISBN: 9789332510074
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Political Science: University of Delhi is mapped to the syllabus of the political science (honours) course for the first semester of the University of Delhi. This textbook provides a comprehensive coverage of all the topics taught in Papers I, II and III. It aims at providing a handy reference tool to students by elucidating conceptual areas, furnishing established arguments and citing recent researches in issues concerning the relevant areas. The treatment of the topics is comprehensive and encourages students to engage with issues by focusing as much on theoretical aspects as on practical illustrations. This book includes new topics introduced in the revised syllabus and also contains 'Roadmap to the Syllabus' to help students navigate through the syllabus and help them prepare for the examinations with a better understanding of the course requirement.
Roadmap to the Syllabus
About the Author
Paper 1: Colonialism in India
Paper 2: Understanding Political Theory
Paper 3: Constitutional Democracy and Government in India
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Political Science
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Political Science
<i>Political Science: University of Delhi<...
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