English Usage for the CAT

By Sujit Kumar
Publisher: Pearson India, 2010
ISBN: 9788131743027
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English Usage For The CAT is a user-friendly book, which prepares students for the language and verbal ability section of the Common Admission Test. Designed to clear the confusion and chaos involved in mastering English, the lucid, step-by-step approach of concepts and their applied aspects in this text makes for an easy learning experience. The rules of grammar are dissected and explained, and the many exceptions to them are examined, ensuring that the reader has a firm foundation the English usage.
English Usage for the CAT
Preface to the Second Edition
Past CATs-an Overview of the Verbal Section
Usage Notes on Nouns
Usage Notes on Determiners
Usage Notes on Pronouns
Usage Notes on Adjectives and Adverbs
Usage Notes on Verbs
Usage Notes on Prepositions and Phrasal Verbs
Usage Notes on Conjunctions
Subject-Verb Agreement
Redundancy and Wordiness
Confusable words
Practice Exercise 1
Practice exercise 2
Practice Exercise 3
Practice Exercise 4
Practice Exercise 5
Practice Exercise 6
Practice Exercise 7
Practice Exercise 8
Practice Exercise 9
Practice Exercise 10
Practice Exercise 11
Practice Exercise 12
Practice Exercise 13
Practice Exercise 14
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English Usage for the CAT
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English Usage for the CAT
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