Conceptual Problems in Organic Chemistry Volume I

By D. K. Singh
Publisher: Pearson India, 2008
ISBN: 9788131743270
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Conceptual Problems in Organic Chemistry, Volume 1: For Engineering and Medical Entrance Examinations contains 1,400 MCQs that cover all the concepts on topics – hybridization, resonance and aromacity; isomerism; substituent effects; reactive intermediates; acid-base and electrophiles-nucleophiles; and reaction mechanism of organic chemistry. The way this workbook is structured allows students to think about and answer problems naturally, rather than as a memorized response, which deepens their understanding of organic chemistry. All MCQs in this workbook are designed in such a manner that the options open up any conceptual doubts in the mind of students. The correct option is constructed in a self-explanatory way to help strengthen these concepts without going back to the text book. Actually, working on these MCQs helps bridge the gap between the textbook and examination problems. The problems in this workbook have been used and tested to critical acclaim by tens of thousands of students.
Conceptual Problems in Organic Chemistry
Hybridization, Resonance and Aromaticity
Substituent Effects, Reactive Intermediates
Reaction Mechanism
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