Reading Comprehension for the CAT

By Sujit Kumar
Publisher: Pearson India, 2010
ISBN: 9788131753415
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Reading comprehension questions check a student’s reading skills, comprehension ability, and analytical acumen in the CAT. More often than not, students find the various tools available in the market lacking in one aspect or the other. Reading Comprehension for the CAT is designed to clear the confusion and chaos involved in mastering reading comprehension. The lucid, step-by-step approach of concepts and their applied aspects in this text makes for an easy learning experience. This book has detailed concepts about reading comprehension, different difficulty levels, and detailed explanations to all the answers. There are 101 passages taken from Project Syndicate, which provides the world’s foremost newspapers with exclusive commentaries by prominent leaders and opinion-makers. Replete with advice and guidance, students will find this book to be an invaluable test prep tool rather than just a practice book.
Reading Comprehension For the CAT
The Reading Habit
Speed Reading and On-screen Reading
Reading Comprehension Techniques
Types of Questions
Main Idea Question
Specified Idea Question
Implied Idea Question
Logical Structure Question
Tone and Attitude Question
Continued Idea Question
Practice Exercises (Level of Difficulty 1)
Practice Exercises (Level of Difficulty 2)
Practice Exercises (Level of Difficulty 3)
Practice Exercises (Level of Difficulty 4)
Past CAT Passages
Answer Keys and Explanations
Ratings & Reviews
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Reading Comprehension for the CAT
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Reading Comprehension for the CAT
Reading comprehension questions check a st...
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