The Pearson Guide to Objective Physics for the IIT-JEE 2011

By M. K. Srivastava
Publisher: Pearson India, 2010
ISBN: 9788131753835
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The Pearson Guide to Objective Physics for the IIT-JEE 2011 features a brief review at the beginning of each chapter that discusses concepts and definitions to enable students to easily grasp the subject matter; short cuts, cautions and points to note for each chapter; more than 5,000 solved problems, including typical problems based on passages; covers all five categories of questions asked in the examination. The handy guide also contains over 200 match-the-following questions, subjective questions that have numerical answers, questions based on passages, more than 4,000 questions for practice, with answers and hints and more than 250 passages, and questions based on them.
The Pearson Guide to Objective Physics for the Iit-Jee
Section 1 - Mechanics
Section 2 - Simple Harmonic Motion and Waves
Section 3 - Heat and Thermodynamics
Section 4 - Electrostatics
Section 5 - Electricity
Section 6 - Optics
Section 7 - Modern Physics
Appendix 1. Useful Mathematical Relations
Appendix 2. The Greek Alphabet
Appendix 3. Periodic Table of Elements
Appendix 4. Unit Conversion Factors
Appendix 5. Numerical Constants
Appendix 6. Exponential and Hyperbolic Functions
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