The Pearson Complete Guide for the AIEEE 2012

By Dinesh Khattar,Ravi Raj Dudeja,K. K. Arora
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9788131776414
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The Pearson Complete Guide for the AIEEE 2012 covers all subjects and aspects of the AIEEE exams and is a good preparation material for students appearing for the AIEEE 2012. It comprehensively covers every subject addressed by the AIEEE and is the result of accumulated experience preparing students for engineering entrance exams. Using the tutorials and lecture notes used in coaching class sessions, this book covers every concept of each subject. The Pearson Complete Guide for the AIEEE 2012 covers physics, chemistry, and mathematics. The concepts and their applications are explained lucidly in each chapter. There are over 10,000 practice questions and 5,000 questions with solutions provided. In addition, points to remember and short cuts are provided. The book also explains some common traps and pitfalls that the students might face, and the means to tackle them. It also includes the AIEEE 2011 question paper.
Preface to the Current Edition
Part A: Physics
Part B: Mathematics
Part C: Chemistry
Part D: Original Question Papers
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