The Pearson Guide to Physical Chemistry for the IIT JEE 2012

By Atul Singhal
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9788131776445
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The Pearson Guide to Physical Chemistry for the IIT JEE 2012 is an invaluable book for all the students preparing for the prestigious engineering entrance examination. It provides class-tested course material and problems that will supplement any kind of coaching or resource the students might be using. Because of its comprehensive and in-depth approach, it will be specially helpful for those students who do not have enough time or money to take classroom courses.
Preface to the Current Edition
Chapter 1: Mole Concept and Stoichiometry
Chapter 2: Gaseous and Liquid States
Chapter 3: Atomic Structure
Chapter 4: Energetics
Chapter 5A: Chemical Equilibrium
Chapter 5B: Ionic Equilibrium
Chapter 6: Electrochemistry
Chapter 7: Chemical Kinetics
Chapter 8: Solid State
Chapter 9: Solutions and Colligative Properties
Chapter 10: Surface Chemistry
Chapter 11: Nuclear Chemistry
Solved Question Papers
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The Pearson Guide to Physical...
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The Pearson Guide to Physical...
<i>The Pearson Guide to Physical Chemistry...
INR  382.50
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