Verbal Ability for the CAT

By Sujit Kumar
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9788131797648
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Verbal Ability for the CAT is aimed at aspirants of the CAT. CAT or the Common Admission Test is an entrance exam conducted in India at the national level to recruit candidates for various management programs of a select group of institutions. This book focuses on the language and verbal ability section of the exam. Its chapters cover various topics like critical reasoning, paragraph summary, logical set theory, paragraph jumbles, analogy, reading comprehension, fact, inference, judgment, and word usage. Verbal Ability for the CAT takes a clear and step-by-step approach to explore various concepts that are related to the English language. It also introduces numerous words in a variety of contexts to help students build their vocabulary. The book also includes a comprehensive test at the end of every chapter to provide the candidates with sufficient practice in tackling the various types of questions that are often asked in the CAT. It also provides numerous tips to help answer these questions easily and within the shortest span of time. An entire section dedicated to verbal ability is one of the highlights of the book.
Chapter 1: Paragraph Completion Questions
Chapter 2: Summary Questions
Chapter 3: Critical Reasoning
Chapter 4: Fact, Inference, Judgment
Chapter 5: Sentence Completion and Cloze Paragraph
Chapter 6: Paragraph Jumbles
Chapter 7: Logical Set Theory
Chapter 8: Word Usage Questions
Chapter 9: Spot the Error
Chapter 10: Confusable Words
Chapter 11: Reading Comprehension
Chapter 12: Analogy and Odd Man Out
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Verbal Ability for the CAT
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Verbal Ability for the CAT
<i>Verbal Ability for the CAT</i> is aimed...
INR  189.00
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