Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry For Competitive Exams

By Ananya Ganguly
Publisher: Pearson India, 2010
ISBN: 9789332511682
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Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry for Competitive Examinations is the signature compilation of the class tested notes of iconic chemistry coach Ananya Ganguly,. It features the unique teaching methodology of the author and her authoritative approach in the teaching of concepts, their application and strategy to champion the IITJEE high task. Each chapter unfolds the structured, systematic and patterned chemistry concepts in lucid and student friendly approach. The book is without those unnecessary frills that make the bulk in other popular books in the market for the IIT JEE. An indispensible must have for in-depth comprehension of chemistry for the coveted IIT JEE.
Chapter 1: Periodic Properties and Chemical Bonding
Chapter 2: Alkali Metals (+2)
Chapter 3: Group-II Alkaline Earth Metals
Chapter 4: Group 13-Boron Family
Chapter 5: Group 14-Carbon Family
Chapter 6: Group 15-Nitrogen Family
Chapter 7: Group 16-Oxygen Family
Chapter 8: Group 17-Halogens
Chapter 9: Group 18-Noble Gases
Chapter 10: Hydrogen
Chapter 11: Co-ordination Chemistry
Chapter 12: Transition Elements (d-block) and their Compounds
Chapter 13: Principles of Metallurgy
Chapter 14: Salt Analysis
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