Physical Chemistry for the JEE and Other Engineering Entrance Examinations

By K. Rama Rao,S. V. V. Satyanarayana
Publisher: Pearson India, 2013
ISBN: 9789332516366
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Physical Chemistry for the JEE and Other Engineering Entrance Examinations offers a systematic and comprehensive recapitulation of the subject. The content is presented in a well-structured manner, beginning with introductory concepts and gradually proceeding towards more advanced levels. This book helps students to understand the principles of physical chemistry.
Chapter 1: Structure of Atom
Chapter 2: Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Chapter 3: The States of Matter
Chapter 4: Solid State
Chapter 5: Solutions
Chapter 6: Thermodynamics
Chapter 7: Thermochemistry
7.2 Energy Stored in Atoms and Molecules
7.3. Standard Enthalpies
7.4. Laws of Thermochemistry
Chapter 8: Chemical Kinetics
Chapter 9: Chemical Equilibrium
Chapter 10: Ionic Equilibrium
Chapter 11: Redox Reactions
Chapter 12: Electrochemistry
Chapter 13: Stoichiometry
Chapter 14: Surface Chemistry
14.2 Enthalpy of Adsorption
14.4 Factors Affecting the Adsorption of Gas by Solid
14.5 Adsorption Isotherms
14.6 Applications of Adsorption
Key Points
14 B Catalysis
14.7 Introduction
14.9 Characteristics of Catalyst
14.10 Theories of Catalysis
14.11 Enzyme Catalysis
Key Points
14 C Colloids
14.13 Colloidal State -An Intermediate State
14.14 Preparation of Colloids
14.15 Purification of Sols
14.16 Properties of Colloidal Solutions
14.17 Stability of Colloids
14.18 Emulsions
14.19 Associated Colloids
14.20 Gels
14.21 Applications of Colloids
Key Points
Practice Exercise
Answer Keys
Hints and Solutions
Chapter 15: Nuclear Chemistry
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