India's Foreign Policy

By Anjali Ghosh,Tridib Chakraborti,Anindyo Jyoti Maj..
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9788131743188
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India’s Foreign Policy features scholars specializing in different dimensions of foreign-policy analysis examine the dynamics of India’s international relations. The volume reviews the economic growth that has propelled it to the status of a globally recognized power, and examines its nuclear policy and maritime strategy as a register of its present capabilities and future aspirations. The news media, often neglected in the study of international politics, are studied as an important index to—and catalysis for—the formulation of government policies. The volume also comprehensively analyses India’s bilateral and multilateral relations, their influence on the stability of the subcontinent, their bearing on the country’s international presence, and their relevance for its political ambitions.
India's Foreign Policy
From Non-Alignment to Pro-Imperialism: Class and Policy in India
The Evolving Trends in India's Foreign Economics Policy: A Comparative Study of the Pre-and Post-Lib
India's Economic Diplomacy and the Print Media: WTO's Aborted Cancun Conferenc
Seaward Security: Modernizing the Indian Navy
India's Nuclear Policy
The Most Movement in Nepal
The new India-US Relationship
India and Russia: Towards new Strategic Relations
China's Quest for Multilateralism
The India-EU Partnership: Strategic Alliance or Political Convenience?
The India-Pakistan Peace process: Incremental progress?
Internal Dyanamics in South Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for India's Foreign policy
The Distance-Proximity Paradox: Unravelling India's ASEAN Policy over Three Decades
India and West Asia: Challenges and Opportunities
India's Relationships with the Gulf Region: Prospects and Possibilities in the 21st Century
India-Russia-China: The Multilateral Process in Central Asia
Indo-latin American Relations: Changing Landscaps, Emerging Agendas
India and Africa in Cooperative Relations
India and East Asian Multilateralism
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India's Foreign Policy
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India's Foreign Policy
<i>India’s Foreign Policy</i> features sch...
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