An Introduction to Critical Thinking

By Madhucchanda Sen
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9788131753408
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The ability to think clearly and critically is necessary for success in every walk of life and is especially important for professional success. No doubt then that critical thinking forms an important and vital topic in modern education. An Introduction to Critical Thinking will help students develop their critical thinking faculties and to overcome personal prejudices and biases, the influence of social brainwashing, fears associated with free-thinking and egocentrism—elements that hinder our understanding and evaluation of the world around us and prevent us from taking decisions independently and responsibly. This book introduces critical thinking, discusses the relation between critical thinking and logic, teaches how to evaluate information and arguments, examines inferences and fallacies, and provides strategies to develop skills for thinking, reading and writing critically. Designed specifically for undergraduate students, this book has the student-friendly features like key points and intermediate thinking through exercises after each section, and plenty of exercises at the end of all chapters.
Critical Thinking
Preface and Acknowledgements
What is Critical Thinking?
Critical Thinking and Logic
Evaluating Arguments: Inferences and Fallacies
Information and Its Evaluation
Thinking, Reading, and Writing Critically
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An Introduction to Critical Thinking
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An Introduction to Critical Thinking
The ability to think clearly and criticall...
INR  90.00
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