Indian Government and Politics

By Hoveyda Abbas, Ranjay Kumar, Mohammed Aftab Alam
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9788131753743
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Framed within a perspective of the entire political process, Indian Government and Politics closely examines the legal provisions of the Constitution of India, as well as the role and functions of other agencies and groups that influence policies and laws. It also looks at historical and contemporary cases to illuminate the philosophy behind the Constitution, the role of various social groups, the functioning of the government and the evolution of our politics. Written in a lucid and familiar style, this book assumes no background in the subject, and an extensive glossary explains unfamiliar terms and complex concepts.
Indian Government and Politics
List of Tables
About the Authors
Framework for Studying the Politics, Government and Constitution in India
Indian Nationalism and Its Practitioners
Constitutional Development in India During the British Rule
The Nature of India's Nationalist Movement and the Roles of Different Social Groups
Philosophies and Features of the Indian Constitution
Fundamental Rights in the Constitution of India
Representative Democracy and the Legislative System in India
Parliamentary Executive in India
Judiciary in India
Parties, Party Systems and the Political Process in India
Questions for Review
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Indian Government and Politics
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Indian Government and Politics
Framed within a perspective of the entire ...
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