Contemporary India: Political, Economic and Social Developments Since 1947

By Dietmar Rothermund
Publisher: Pearson India, 2013
ISBN: 9789332516281
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Contemporary India goes beyond the limits of political history to put into perspective some of the most relevant socioeconomic challenges that 'New India' faces today. By concentrating on the concepts of 'agency' and 'negotiation', this book helps the reader gain a wider perspective of Indian history and guides the aspiration of today's generations by facilitating their understanding of India's historical legacy.
List of Maps, Figures and Tables
Introduction: Continuities in Indian History
Chapter 1 : Gandhi and Nehru: Two Visions of India
Chapter 2 : The Anatomy of the Indian State
Chapter 3 : Parties and Politics: From the Congress System to Coalition Government
Chapter 4 : Economic Development: From Protectionism to Liberalization
Chapter 5 : Poverty and Demography
Chapter 6 : The Challenges of Welfare and Social Policy
Chapter 7 : The Control of Land and Agricultural Production
Chapter 8 : The Process of Industrialization
Chapter 9 : The Vulnerability of the Environment
Chapter 10 : Identity and the Nation
Chapter 11 : Foreign Policy in a Changing Global Context
Chapter 12 : The New India
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Contemporary India: Political,...
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Contemporary India: Political,...
Contemporary India goes beyond the limits ...
INR  269.10
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