Counselling Children with Psychological Problems

By Malavika Kapur
Publisher: Pearson India, 2011
ISBN: 9789332500938
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The child population of twenty-first-century India has often been the most vulnerable amidst radical, ever-evolving changes in the social landscape. Caring for children has never been more relevant. Drawing on ancient Indian medical traditions and the author’s 40 years of experience as a professional psychologist, Counselling Children with Psychological Problems is a complete sourcebook on the practical and methodological aspects of counselling children with psychological problems. All groups of professionals who work with children in developing countries, including psychologists, counsellors, teachers and NGOs, will find this an invaluable guide.
Part 1. General Background
Part 2. Psychological Disorders
Part 3. Counselling Techniques
Part 4. Matching Disorders and Counselling Techniques
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Counselling Children with...
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Counselling Children with...
The child population of twenty-first-centu...
INR  225.00
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