Guidance and Counselling:

By Kinra, Asha K.
Publisher: Pearson India, 2015
ISBN: 9789332500716
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Individuals, especially the youth, face myriad problems related to growing up, social adjustment, education, and career. Proper guidance is essential for appropriate resolution of the various crises that arise and Guidance and Counselling is an essential guide for counsellors and it will provide them an overview of the qualitative and quantitative techniques for understanding the individual and their environment, educational, vocational, and personal social guidance, the counselling process, counsellors’ skills, and group counselling, the latest trends in the field and more.
Chapter 1: Guidance
Chapter 2: Understanding the Individual: Testing Techniques
Chapter 3: Understanding the Individual: Non-testing Techniques
Chapter 4: Knowing the Environment
Chapter 5: Placement Service
Chapter 6: Follow-up Service
Chapter 7: Evaluation and Research
Chapter 8: Educational Guidance
Chapter 9: Vocational Guidance
Chapter 10: Personal Social Guidance
Chapter 11: Counselling
Chapter 12: Process of Counselling
Chapter 13: Skill of the Counsellor
Chapter 14: Group Counselling
Chapter 15: Modern Trends in Counselling
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Guidance and Counselling:
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Guidance and Counselling:
Individuals, especially the youth, face my...
INR  404.10
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