Foundations of Indian Psychology, Volume 1: Theories and Concepts

By R. M. Matthijs Cornelissen, Girishwar Misra, Sune..
Publisher: Pearson India, 2013
ISBN: 9789332506473
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Foundations of Indian Psychology Volume 1: Concepts and Theories goes beyond merely tracing the history of Indian thought. It demonstrates how ideas and practices from Vedic, Sufi, Buddhist and Yogic traditions can be used to tackle issues in contemporary psychology. With its contribution to theory building and application, it gives a new direction to psychology as it is studied today. The first book in a two-volume series, it will be of interest to students, scholars of psychology, philosophy and religion as well as the general reader.
Part 1: The social and philosophical context
Part 2: Self and personality
Part 3: Pathways to knowledge
Part 4: Affect, motivation and creativity
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INR  985.50
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