Caste in Life: Experiencing Inequalities

By D. Shyam Babu, R.S Khare
Publisher: Pearson India, 2010
ISBN: 9789332506558
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Caste in Life: Experiencing Inequalities brings together nineteen stories of real-life experiences of caste-based social practices in India. This book does not seek to complement the mountains of existing literature on the subject, which has already been studied from all conceivable angles. Instead, it engages with caste as a subjective category of how it is lived and experienced. Caste in Life ushers in a new genre of narratives that try to capture a complex social reality through the prism of first-hand experience. The contributors write here about the role caste has played in their lives: Was it a source of comfort? An obstacle? Or an irritant? As they write about their past experiences, they also reflect on how they now regard the events that happened in their lives thirty, forty or even fifty years ago. The reader will find in Caste in Life the everyday reality of caste in its resilience and also the way it is changing with an India that is changing faster than anybody can capture the change.
Chapter 1: Caste as a Non-Reality
Chapter 2: Forgetting Caste While Living It: The Privileges of Amnesia
Chapter 3: The Unch-Nich Challenge in Life: Changing Locations, Forces and Meanings
Chapter 4: Learning Caste: Banal and Brutal
Chapter 5: Growing Up Brahmin in a Tamil Family in New Delhi
Chapter 6: Caste and the Sociology of Caste
Chapter 7: Ram Ram! Namaste! By Caste?
Chapter 8: My Experience with Caste
Chapter 9: A Glue Called Caste
Chapter 10: Caste as Experience
Chapter 11: From History to Anthropology: Reflections on Caste from South India and Vietnam
Chapter 12: An Eventful Journey: From the Real to the Comical
Chapter 13: The Story of My Caste
Chapter 14: A Couple's Journey through Challenges of Dalit Identity
Chapter 15: The Contours of My Socialization
Chapter 16: My Experience of Caste and Race
Chapter 17: The Indian Caste System and Dalit Repression
Chapter 18: India Shining
Chapter 19: My Experiments with Hunting Rats
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