Objective General Knowledge (Third Edition)

By Edgar Thorpe, Showick thorpe
Publisher: Pearson India, 2010
ISBN: 9789332506626
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Even students who have a minimal idea about competitive examinations know that, as far as preparing for the general knowledge section goes, intense practice is the key to success. This is the guiding philosophy of Objective General Knowledge, an expansive resource book for objective-type general knowledge questions. Students who have gained mastery over facts can challenge and evaluate their mental stamina with an extensive list of questions that closely follows the pattern of the examinations. The topic-wise distribution of questions provides an exhaustive range of multiple-choice questions that covers all the key areas of the general awareness segment. Helping to instill confidence and augment knowledge, Objective General Knowledge helps students maintain a focused yet flexible approach.
Preface to the Third Edition
Section I: Science and Technology
Section II: General Awareness
Section III: Questions Based on New Subjects
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Objective General Knowledge...
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Objective General Knowledge...
Even students who have a minimal idea abou...
INR  382.50
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