Mathematics for the JEE Advanced

By Manan Khurma,Prakash Rajpurohit
Publisher: Pearson India, 2013
ISBN: 9789332520332
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Mathematics for the JEE(Mains and advanced) is targeted towards students taking the JEE Mains, especially the JEE Advanced Mathematics paper. It covers all the prescribed topics and explains the conceptual foundations of a topic and makes clear its applications in solving the problems. All the chapters in the book contain theory, examples and solved problems. From chapter highlights to important facts and formulae, the theoretical portion is well-supported by numerous illustrative examples and unsolved problems of both objective and subjective types.
About the Authors
Chapter 0 : Mastering the Art of Problem Solving in Mathematics
Chapter 1 : General Algebra
Chapter 2 : Complex Numbers
Chapter 3 : Permutations and Combinations
Chapter 4 : Probability
Chapter 5 : Determinants and Matrices
Chapter 6 : Vectors
Chapter 7 : Trigonometry
Chapter 8 : Straight Lines
Chapter 9 : Circles
Chapter 10 : Conic Section
Chapter 11 : 3-D Geometry
Chapter 12 : Functions
Chapter 13 : Limits, Continuity, Differentiability and Differentiation
Chapter 14 : Applications of Derivatives
Chapter 15 : Integration
Chapter 16 : Differential Equation
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Mathematics for the JEE Advanced
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Mathematics for the JEE Advanced
<i> Mathematics for the JEE(Mains and adva...
INR  607.50
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