Mathematics at a Glance: For Class XI and XII, Engineering Entrance and Other Competitive Exams

By Sanjay Mishra
Publisher: Pearson India, 2015
ISBN: 9789332537361
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Mathematics at a Glance: For Class XI & XII, Engineering Entrance and Other Competitive Exams is part of a three book series, designed especially for students aspiring to be future engineers. This book will help students to prepare for both the boards examination and engineering entrance examinations (JEE and BITSAT). The book follows a crisp presentation approach to simplify concepts to enable easier understanding and retention. It would act as an indispensable tool to crack the examinations.
Chapter 1 : Foundation of Mathematics
Chapter 2 : Exponential Logarithm
Chapter 3 : Sequence and Progression
Chapter 4 : Inequality
Chapter 5 : Theory of Equation
Chapter 6 : Permutation and Combination
Chapter 7 : Binomial Theorem
Chapter 8 : Infinite Series
Chapter 9 : Trigonometric Ratios and Identities
Chapter 10 : Trigonometric Equation
Chapter 11 : Properties of Triangles
Chapter 12 : Inverse Trigonometric Function
Chapter 13 : Point and Cartesian System
Chapter 14 : Straight Line and Pair of Straight Line
Chapter 15 : Circle and Family of Circle
Chapter 16 : Parabola
Chapter 17 : Ellipse
Chapter 18 : Hyperbola
Chapter 19 : Complex Number
Chapter 20 : Sets and Relations
Chapter 21 : Functions
Chapter 22 : Limits, Continuity and Differentiability
Chapter 23 : Method of Differentiation
Chapter 24 : Application of Derivatives
Chapter 25 : Indefinite Integration
Chapter 26 : Definite Integration and Area Under the Curve
Chapter 27 : Differential Equation
Chapter 28 : Vectors
Chapter 29 : Three-Dimensional Geometry
Chapter 30 : Probability
Chapter 31 : Matrices and Determinants
Chapter 32 : Statistics
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Mathematics at a Glance: For...
Mathematics at a Glance: For Class XI & XI...
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