The Pearson Guide to Inorganic Chemistry for the JEE Advanced

By Atul Singhal
Publisher: Pearson India, 2015
ISBN: 9789332537095
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The Pearson Guide to Inorganic Chemistry for the JEE Advanced is designed to help aspiring engineers understand the various important aspects of 'inorganic chemistry'. Each book in this series approaches the subject in a very conceptual and coherent manner. The illustrative approach adopted in this series will help students to familiarize themselves with complex concepts and their applications in a simple manner. The book also includes a wide variety of questions.
Chapter 1: Chemical Bonding
Chapter 2: Periodic Properties
Chapter 3: Preparation and Properties of Non-metals
Chapter 4: Compounds of Lighter Metals-1
Chapter 5: Compounds of p-block Elements-1
Chapter 6: Compounds of p-block Elements-2
Chapter 7: Transition Elements and Co-ordination Chemistry
Chapter 8: Metallurgy
Chapter 9: Compounds of Heavy Metals
Chapter 10: Principles of Qualitative Analysis
Appendix A
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