Digital Electronics, First Editions

By Betty Lincoln
Publisher: Pearson India, 2015
ISBN: 9789332540729
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Designed to provide a comprehensive and practical insight to the basic concepts of Digital Electronics, this book brings together information on theory, operational aspects and practical applications of digital circuits in a succinct style that is suitable for undergraduate students. Spread across 16 chapters, the book walks the student through the first principles and the Karnaugh mapping reduction technique before proceeding to elaborate on the design and implementation of complex digital circuits. With ample examples and exercises to reinforce theory and an exclusive chapter allotted for electronic experiments, this textbook is an ideal classroom companion for students.
Chapter 1: Digital Systems
Chapter 2: Numbering Systems
Chapter 3: Logic Gates
Chapter 4: Boolean Algebra
Chapter 5: Karnaugh Mapping
Chapter 6: Implementation of Universal Gates
Chapter 7: Integrated Circuits and Logic Families
Chapter 8: Combinational Logic Circuits
Chapter 9: Flip-Flops
Chapter 10: Registers
Chapter 11: Counters
Chapter 12: Memory
Chapter 13: Display Devices
Chapter 14: Convertors
Chapter 15: Computer Fundamentals
Chapter 16: Electronic Exercises
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Digital Electronics, First Editions
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Digital Electronics, First Editions
Designed to provide a comprehensive and pr...
INR  404.10
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