The Cell Organisation, Functions and Regulatory Mechanisms

By Shakir Ali
Publisher: Pearson India, 2015
ISBN: 9789332540736
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The Cell: Organisation, Functions and Regulatory Mechanisms is a textbook written for students and scholars studying cell biology at various levels. The study of cell biology is an essential component of the syllabi at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in universities and colleges that offer courses in biochemistry, biotechnology, genetics, molecular biology, immunology, zoology, botany, toxicology and medical, nursing, paramedical, pharmaceutical and agricultural sciences. This book provides a perfect blend of basic and applied knowledge in the area of cell sciences using the latest examples and experiments. It includes chapters on the structure and composition of the cell its constituent structures and molecules properties of these structures and molecules as well as the various regulatory mechanisms of cellular processes in both healthy and diseased states. The simplicity of the language used ensures that it can be understood by students who are non-native speakers of English and also by scholars who d
Section A: Structure, Composition and Study of the Cell
Section B: Cell Membrane and Extracellular Matrix Components: Structure and Properties
Section C: Cytoplasm and Organelles
Section D: Regulatory Mechanisms and Cellular Processes
Appendix: Biochemical Pathways
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The Cell Organisation, Functions...
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The Cell Organisation, Functions...
The Cell: Organisation, Functions and Regu...
INR  611.10
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