Object-Oriented Programming with C++

By A. K. Sharma
Publisher: Pearson India, 2015
ISBN: 9789332540651
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Object-Oriented Programming with C++ is a paradigm shift in programming, which defines, creates, and manipulates objects to develop reusable software. This book is designed to help students understand the concepts governing OOP and develop a talent in them to choose right the OOP tools for a given problem situation. Dealing at length with the creation and manipulation of OOP components using C++, Object-Oriented Programming with C++ uses examples that reflect current practices and standards to provide a hands-on experience to budding software engineers.
About the author
1. Introduction To C++
2. Pointers
3. Programming Techniques: A Survey
4. Classes and Objects
5. More on Functions: Advanced Concepts
6. Constructors and Destructors
7. Inheritance: Extending Classes
8. Templates: Code Sharing (Genericity)
9. Operator Overloading
10. File Handling in C++
11. Exception Handling
12. Introduction to Uml
13. Polymorphism: A Review
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Object-Oriented Programming with C++
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Object-Oriented Programming with C++
Object-Oriented Programming with C++ is a ...
INR  314.10
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