Microwave and Radar Engineering

By Gottapu Sasibhushana Rao
Publisher: Pearson India, 2015
ISBN: 9789332540637
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Microwave and Radar Engineering presents the essential features and focuses on the needs of students who take up the subject at undergraduate and postgraduate levels of electronics and communications engineering courses. Spread across 17 chapters, the book begins with a discussion of wave equations and builds upon the topics step by step with ample illustrations and examples that delineate the concepts to the student's benefit. The book will also come in handy for aspirants of competitive examinations.
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Brief Contents
List of Symbols
Chapter 1: Vector Analysis
Chapter 2: Review of Maxwell's Equations and EM Wave Characteristics
Chapter 3: Review of Transmission Lines
Chapter 4: Introduction to Microwave Engineering
Chapter 5: Waveguides
Chapter 6: Waveguide Components
Chapter 7: Scattering Matrix for Waveguide Components
Chapter 8: Microwave Tubes
Chapter 9: Microwave Solid-state Devices
Chapter 10: Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits
Chapter 11: Microwave Measurements
Chapter 12: Introduction to Radars
Chapter 13: CW Radar, FMCW Radar, and Pulse Radar
Chapter 14: MTI and Pulse Doppler Radars
Chapter 15: Tracking Radars
Chapter 16: Detection of Signals in Noise and Radar Receivers
Chapter 17: Microwave Experiments
Appendix A: Glossary of Terms
Appendix B: The Decibel [dB]
Appendix C: Doppler Frequency Shift
Appendix D: Physical Constants, Factors for Converting Measurements, and Measurement Unit Prefixes
Appendix E: Manley-Rowe Relations
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Microwave and Radar Engineering
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Microwave and Radar Engineering
Microwave and Radar Engineering presents t...
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