India Year Book : 2014

By Pavneet Singh
Publisher: Pearson India, 2015
ISBN: 9789332541979
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India Year Book First Edition : A Refreshersummarizes key information from of the India Year Book 2014 as required for the various competitive examinations. Special emphasis has been laid on Social Sector Initiatives, Public Policies, and Demography and Inclusion. An interactive structure, easy to understand approach, and to the point information based on latest exam pattern will help the students to prepare for the exam within a short time-period. The book is a one stop solution to successfully comprehend the India Year Book 2014 for Prelims, Mains and Interview of the Civil Services Examinations.
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Why to Read This India Year Book?
Chapter 1. Land and People
Chapter 2. National Symbols
Chapter 3. Polity
Chapter 4. Agriculture
Chapter 5. Culture and Tourism
Chapter 6. Basic Economic Data
Chapter 7. Commerce
Chapter 8. Communications and Information Technology
Chapter 9. Defence
Chapter 10. Education
Chapter 11. Energy
Chapter 12. Environment
Chapter 13. Finance
Chapter 14. Corporate Affairs
Chapter 15. Food and Civil Supplies
Chapter 16. Health and Family Welfare
Chapter 17. Housing
Chapter 18. India and The World
Chapter 19. Industry
Chapter 20. Law and Justice
Chapter 21. Labour and Employment
Chapter 22. Mass Communication
Chapter 23. Planning
Chapter 24. Rural and Urban Development
Chapter 25. Scientific and Technological Developments
Chapter 26. Transport
Chapter 27. Water Resources
Chapter 28. Welfare
Chapter 29. Youth Affairs and Sports
Chapter 30. Budget 2014
Appendix A. Examination Oriented Multiple Choice Solved Questions for Prelims
Appendix B. Examination Oriented Questions for Mains
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India Year Book : 2014
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India Year Book : 2014
India Year Book First Edition : A Refreshe...
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