Chemistry for JEE Mains 2017

By Atul Singhal
Publisher: Pearson India, 2016
ISBN: 9789332576483
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*Brief Theory and Ample Solved Examples to apply the concepts
*Chapter-wise Previous 14 years' AIEEE/JEE Main questions
*Includes Solved JEE Main 2016 Questions
* Practice Problems with complete solutions
* Appendix includes 5 Mock Tests for practice
* 5 Free Online Mock Tests for Practice
Book Cover
Title Page
Copyright Page
Table of Contents
Basics of Chemistry
Chapter 1: Chapter Highlights
Chapter 2: Solid State
Chapter 3: Gaseous State
Chapter 4: Atomic Structure
Chapter 5: Solutions
Chapter 6: Energetics
Chapter 7: Chemical Equilibrium
Chapter 8: Ionic Equilibrium
Chapter 9: Redox Reactions and Electrochemistry
Chapter 10: Chemical Kinetics
Chapter 11: Surface Chemistry
Chapter 12: Periodic Properties
Chapter 13: Chemical Bonding
Chapter 14: Chemistry of Representive Elements
Chapter 15: Chemistry of Non-Metals I
Chapter 16: Chemistry of Non-Metals II
Chapter 17: Chemistry of Lighter Elements
Chapter 18: Chemistry of Heavier Elements (Metallurgy)
Chapter 19: Transition Metals Including Lanthanides and Actinides
Chapter 20: Coordination Compounds
Chapter 21: Nuclear Chemistry
Chapter 22: Purification and Characterization of Carbon Compounds
Chapter 23: General Organic Chemistry I
Chapter 24: General Organic Chemistry II
Chapter 25: Hydrocarbons and Petroleum
Chapter 26: Organic Compounds with Functional Groups Containing Halogens (X)
Chapter 27: Alcohol, Phenol, Ether
Chapter 28: Organic Compounds Containing Oxygen-II
Chapter 29: Organic Compounds with Functional Groups Containing Nitrogen
Chapter 30: Polymers
Chapter 31: Biomolecules and Biological Processes
Chapter 32: Chemistry in Everyday Life
Chapter 33: Environment Chemistry
Chapter 34: Practical Chemistry
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Chemistry for JEE Mains 2017
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Chemistry for JEE Mains 2017
*Brief Theory and Ample Solved Examples to...
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