Introduction to Database Management System

By Atul Kahate
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9789332505537
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Silent Features :

  1. Focus on Transaction Management and Concurrency issues.
  2. A separate chapter on Database Security.
  3. Coverage of Object Technology and OODBMS.
  4. Distributed Database explained in depth.
  5. Explanation of Data Warehousing, Data Mining and OLAP.
  6. Liberal use and explanation of SQL.
  7. Unique appendices on Data Structure, Sorting and Searching, Database Management with Access and Case Studies with real life program in COBOL, DB2 and C
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Title Page
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Contents in Brief
1. File Systems
2. Introduction to Database Systems
3. The Relational Model
4. Database Design
5. Transaction Processing and Management
6. Database Security
7. Query Execution and Optimisation
8. Distributed Databases
9. Decision Support Systems, Data Warehousing and Data Mining
10. Object Technology and DBMS
11. Advanced Topics in DBMS
Appendix A Data Structures
Appendix B Sorting Techniques
Appendix C Database Management with Access
Appendix D Case Studies
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Introduction to Database...
<p>Silent Features :</p> <ol> <li>Focus on...
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