Electronic Devices and Circuits

By B. Visvesvara Rao, K. Bhaskara Rama Murty, K. Raj..
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9788131792995
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Slient Features :

  1. Comprechensive coverage of topics.
  2. Lucid and thorough approach.
  3. Solved numerical problems and practice questions.
  4. Written from the university examination point of view.
  5. Encourage renders to be active participation in the learning process.
  6. Allow a smooth transition for fresh students into engineering and science streams.
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General Introduction
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Road Map to the Syllabus
1. Electron Dynamics and Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
2. Semiconductor Diodes and Rectifiers
3. Transistors
4. Amplifiers Using Bipolar Junction Transistors or FET
5. Feedback Amplifiers
6. Oscillators
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Electronic Devices and Circuits
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Electronic Devices and Circuits
<p><strong>Slient Features :</strong></p> ...
INR  386.10
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