Engineering Drawing

By M.B.Shah,B.C.Rana
Publisher: Pearson India
ISBN: 9788131798058
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  1. New- A Chapter on scales and updated coverage of AutoCAD 2008�?� 
  2. New- Colour artwork to make information more accessible
  3. Over 350 problem sets, including 100 new exercises
  4. Improved pedagogy such as learning goals through objectives, recapitulation of concepts through solved examples, and application of concepts through exercises
  5. New- A companion Web site with solutions to select problems and summaries of all chapters
Front Cover
Title Page
Book Details
About Authors
Brief Contents
Abbreviations,Symbols And Notations
The Development Of This Book
1. Basics of Engineering Drawing
2. Symbolic Lines and Lettering
3. Geometrical Constructions,Loci and Engineering Plane Curves
4. Scales
5. Projections of Points and Lines
6. Projections on Auxiliary Reference Planes
7. Projections of Planes
8. Projections of Solids
9. Sections of Solids
10. Intersection of Surfaces
11. Development of Surfaces
12. Multiview Orthographic Projections
13. Sectional Views
14. Dimensioning
15. Auxiliary Views
16. Reading Orthographic Projections
17. Isometric Projections
18. Oblique Parallel Projections and Perspective Projections
19. Threaded Fasteners
20. Riveted and Welded Joints
21. Computer-Aided Drafting
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Engineering Drawing
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Engineering Drawing
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