Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

By P. Purushothama Raj
Publisher: Pearson India, 2007
ISBN: 9788131793022
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Salient Features :

  1. Focus on Transaction Management and Concurrency issues.
  2. A separate chapter on Database Security.
  3. Coverage of Object Technology and OODBMS.
  4. Distributed Database explained in depth.
  5. Explanation of Data Warehousing, Data Mining and OLAP.
  6. Liberal use and explanation of SQL.
  7. Unique appendices on Data Structure, Sorting and Searching, Database Management with Access and Case Studies with real life program in COBOL, DB2 and C
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Title Page
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1. Soil Formation and Composition
2. Index Properties of Soils
3. Identification and Classification of Soils
4. Compaction of Soils
5. Permeability and Capillarity
6. Seepage
7. Stress and Stress Distribution in Soil
8. Consolidation and Consolidation Settlement
9. Shear Strength of Soils
10. Laboratory Measurement of Soil Properties
11. Lateral Earth Pressure
12. Earth-Retaining Structures
13. Stability of Slopes
14. Bearing Capacity of Soils
15. Shallow Foundations
16. Pile Foundations
17. Drilled Piers and Caisson Foundations
18. Ground Investigation
19. Soil Improvement
20. Embankment Dams
21. Dynamic Loading of Soil
22. Environmental Geotechnology
23. Introductory Rock Mechanics
List of Symbols
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Soil Mechanics and Foundation...
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Soil Mechanics and Foundation...
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