Computer Programming 1 For University of Mumbai

By M. P. Bhave, S. A. Patekar
Publisher: Pearson India, 2009
ISBN: 9788131794234
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for iPad
for android
for Html5
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Salient Features:

  1. Over 100 completely tested programs on the popular Turbo C++ compiler with outputs
  2. Elucidates real-life programming examples from diverse fields like science, commerce and engineering.
  3. Exposition to popular algorithms.
  4. A summary at the end of each chapter to strengthen the learning process.
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1. Introduction to C++
2. Simple Input and Output
3. Control Statements 1
4. Control Statements 2
5. Functions
6. Arrays and Strings
7. Pointers
8. Advanced Input/Output
9. Structures and Unions
10. What They Don't Teach You at...
11. Object Orientation - An Introduction
12. Classes and Objects
13. Object Initialisation and Cleanup
14. Operator Overloading
15. Strings: A Case Study
16. Inheritance 1
17. Inheritance 2
18. Polymorphism
19. Towards Better Programming
20. Collection of Programs
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Computer Programming 1 For...
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Computer Programming 1 For...
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INR  269.10
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