Digital Systems : Principles and Design

By Raj Kamal
Publisher: Pearson India, 2006
ISBN: 9788131793237
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Salient Features:
  1. Illustrates the functioning of circuits using truth tables, state tables, timing diagrams and state diagrams.
  2. Includes advanced topics like the Quine-McCluskey method, computer-based minimization techniques, synchronous and asynchronous mode sequential circuits and FPGAs.
  3. Each chapter focuses on a single aspects of digital systems and highlights areas for the students to keep in mind.
  4. contains over 200 diagrams, 250 worked-out examples and a large number of problems for practice.
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Dedicated To
1. Basic Digital Concepts
2. Number System
3. Binary Arithmetic and Two's Complement Arithmetic
4. Boolean Algebra and Theorems, Minterms and Maxterms
5. Karaugh Map and Minization Procedures
6. Logic Gates
7. Interfacing Circuits between the Logic of Same Family, Different Families and Types
8. Open Collector, Open Drain and Tristate Gates
9. Problem Formulation and Design of the Combination Circuits
10. Binary Arithmetic and Decoding and Mux Logic Units
11. Codes Converts, Comparators and Other Logic Processing Circuits
12. Implementation of Combinational Logic by Standard ICs and Programmable ROM Memories
13. Implementation of Combinational Logic by Programmable Logic Devices
14. Sequentional Logic, Latches and Flip-Flops
15. Sequentional Circuits Analysis, State Minimization, State Assignment and Circuit Implementation
16. Sequentional Circuits for Registers and Counters
17. RAM, Address and Data Buses, Memory Decoding, Semiconductor Memories
18. Fundamental Mode Sequentional Circuits
19. Hazards and Pulse Mode Sequentional Circuits
20. ADC,DAC and Analog-Digital Mix Interfaces
21. CPLDs and FPGAs
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Digital Systems : Principles and...
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Digital Systems : Principles and...
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