Introduction to Unix and Shell Programming

By M. G. Venkateshmurthy
Publisher: Pearson India, 2006
ISBN: 9788131793312
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Introduction to Unix and Shell Programming is a first level textbook for a course on Unix. Organized into twelve chapters, the book begins with an introduction to the Unix Operating System, goes on to discuss various types of editors, explains Shell and perl programming in details and concludes with an in-depth study of the Unix system administration.

Salient Features:
  1. Discussion on awk, a C-style programming language
  2. Usage of different types of editors such as ed,en,vi,vm and emacs
  3. Shell programming discussed in detail
  4. Chapter objectives provided for all chapters
  5. An Introduction to Perl programming
Front Cover
Title Page
Book Details
1. Introduction to Unix
2. Files and File Organization
3. File Attributes and Permissions
4. Standard I/O, Redirection Pipes and Filters
5. The vi Editor
6. Regular Expressions-grep Family of Commands and the sed
7. The Process
8. Shell Programming
9. AWK
10. Basic Communication Tools
11. Introduction to Perl
12. Introduction to System Administration
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Introduction to Unix and Shell...
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Introduction to Unix and Shell...
Introduction to Unix and Shell Programming...
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